RUN Attack Curved Treadmill

The Run Attack Curved Treadmill is designed for natural human movement. Its modern concave-shape makes it very similar to running outside as it allows you to run with a natural style. The treadmill is powered solely by your legs, not electricity. It has no top speed and with its curved, slatted running surface, runners create a momentum to turn the treadmill belt by using the balls of their feet.

The Run Attack allows you to increase your power, speed, endurance and agility by using high-intensity intervals. This training methodology alternates short but intense phases of anaerobic exercise with a low-intensity recovery.


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RUN Attack Curved Treadmill



The Run Attack Curved Treadmill offers more core engagement due to the need to run at an ergonomically correct angle. This forces people to maintain a correct posture otherwise they will feel off-balance which will affect their run. The rubber surface of a curved treadmill helps absorb the impact on their joints and connective tissue, preventing injuries often associated with running on hard surfaces.

The handle grips allow for a safer machine different positions and exercises while the 6 different resistance levels allow you to experiment with the different combinations of speed and endurance.


Dimensions (cm):

L 180 x W 74 x H 160



Resistance Levels:

6 Levels



Console Readouts:

Time, Pace, Distance, Speed, Calories, Watts, Resistance Level

Console Programs:

Interval Target Training, Includes: Time, Distance, Calories, Heart Rate




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