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Top 6 Workouts for Your Home Gym

Home gyms are seeing a massive increase in popularity, with equipment sales shooting up by 55% following the first Covid-19 lockdown. This is no surprise- home gyms offer a safe haven away from the dangers of the pandemic and since it’s in your own home, drumming up the motivation to hit your workouts hard is a much easier feat.  

However, for an effective home gym workout, you’ll need to work just as hard as you would in your commercial gym, where friendly competition and trainers can make pushing for that extra 1% that little bit easier. Therefore, working out in your home gym requires other forms of motivation.

 If you’ve chosen your equipment wisely, it will be more than enough to keep you on top form. We’d recommend a custom gym design, where each piece of equipment has been made with your specific needs in mind, to take your performance up a notch. If you’re still in the research process, see our top tips for your home gym design.

As well as having the right equipment, you’ll need the right workout routines in place. Doing the same movements every session gets boring quickly, and your muscles also adapt quickly- meaning less impact and fewer gains.

This article lists some of the top 5 workout routines for your home gym to keep you motivated and make the most of your new equipment, including:

  1. Cardio
  2. Strength training
  3. Accessory work
  4. Gymnastics workouts
  5. Row workout
  6. Metcon workout

Let’s dive straight in.



The first workout we’ve put together is cardio-based to get your heart rate up and challenge your endurance. You don’t need much equipment, and if you need to build your fitness it can be completed with just a skipping rope. 

But we know you’re made of tough stuff- and so adding plates and kettlebells to really get pumped should be on your agenda. This particular workout makes a great workout to integrate into the rest of your routine.  

The workout is as follows:  

4 rounds for time

  1. 30 air squats
  2. 15 sit-ups
  3. 100 skipping
  4. 15 burpees
  5. 30 push-ups

Repeat once a week, and you’ll be shocked at how quickly your body is able to adapt- just make sure you keep track of your times to follow your progress.   


Strength training 

This is a high volume and low-intensity workout to build more muscular endurance-based strength and will help you to push through fatigue. 

For this workout, you’ll require a bar, plates & rack. If you’re not sure what kind of rack will best support you, you can access our guide to finding your perfect rack here

The workout is as follows:

Back Squat (or Front squat, Overhead squat) all work

Warm-up with air squats and 5 min run on the runner machine. For a treadmill that’s designed to replicate natural running conditions, check out our RUN Attack Curved Treadmill

Follow up your warmup with:

  1. 1 x 10 @ 65% of 1 rep max
  2. 1 x 12 @ 60% of 1 rep max
  3. 1 x 15 @ 55% of 1 rep max

Rest 2-3 minutes between sets.


Accessory work

Accessory work is a great way to supplement your training, and even the most time-stretched can afford to complete this workout in under 20 minutes. 

Equipment-wise, we’d recommend kettlebells, bars and plates to work up a proper sweat and progress faster.    

The workout is as follows:

Every 3 minutes x 3

  1. 10 (5/5) Front rack alternating reverse lunge at 80% effort weight
  2. 10 Alternating jumping lunges (for max height)

We’d recommend throwing a routine like this into your regime around 2 times a week for maximum impact, along with other accessory work such as Turkish Get Ups and lying on floor Bench Press with kettlebells. If this is too easy, add a 10 secs max sprint on the bike or Ski Erg.


Gymnastics workout

If you’re focused on building your strength and flexibility, gymnastic workouts will provide exactly that. To get the most out of your movements, focus on maintaining form throughout each set.

In terms of your equipment, you’ll need a pull-up bar. However, a pull-up bar alone can take up the precious space in your home gym without providing the versatility for changing up your workouts. 

As a result, we’d recommend a piece of multifunctional equipment. Both our Dreadnought Rack, Power Rack and Multi Gym Power Rack incorporate the multifunctionality that makes them great contenders for your home gym, depending on how much space you have and how you intend to train in it.  

A cardio machine is best for recovery in between sets, and so we’d recommend opting for a machine that you know you’ll enjoy using, even when you’re being pushed extra hard. You can see the selection of cardio kits that we offer at Anvil here

The workout is as follows:

1. Strict toes to bar (TTB)
5 x 3
90 seconds recovery pace on a cardio machine between sets

2. Kipping toes to bar (TTB)
5 x 24
30 secs hollow rocks + 30 secs arch rock between sets

3. Strict chest to bar (C2B)
5 x 3
90 seconds recovery pace on a cardio machine between sets

4. Kipping/butterfly chest to bar (C2B)
5 x 24
30 secs hollow rocks + 30 secs arch rock between sets

Fair warning- this workout is a sure way to build up the lactic acid, so make sure you give your body time to recover the following day if required. Do feel free to increase the reps if it’s not challenging enough, or scale down if it’s too much volume. It’s a great workout to monitor your progression and see markable improvements in bodyweight workouts.


Row Workout

For Row workouts, you’ll obviously need a rowing machine. Air resistance rowers are the best selling- and best performing- rowers in the world, so there are lots to choose from. 

If you’re not sure where to start, we’d recommend looking for a machine with a killer reputation. The Attack Fitness Rowing Machine has the durability, reliability and performance that makes it a favourite amongst Olympic and elite-level athletes, making it a great choice for anyone who takes their fitness seriously. 

The workout is as follows:


1. 2 minutes @ 25% effort

30 secs rest

2. 2 minutes @ 45% effort

30 secs rest

3. 2 minutes @ 55% effort

30 secs rest

4. 2 minutes @ 75% effort

30 secs rest


Main Set

  1. 400m @ 85% effort
  2. 100m @ 95% effort
  3. 500m @ 25% effort
  4. X 4
  5. Cool Down
  6. 3 minutes @ 25% effort

Top tip: you can also work out mins per 500m off your 2km row Pb. Use the percentages to determine your splits. This workout is designed to build threshold intervals.


Metcon workout

Is your focus on weight loss or getting lean? Your workout plan will need to include routines to exert more energy, increase your metabolic demand and get a good sweat on.  

In terms of equipment, you’ll need a skipping rope, as well as your choice of a bar and plates, or kettlebells if you need a lighter weight. If you want to take your Metcon workout to the next level, fitting out your home gym with a rig can be used to support heavier lifting. If you’re not sure which rig is right for you, you can read our guide here.

The workout is as follows:

4 Rds for time

  1. 12 – 9 – 6 – 3 reps
  2. Thrusters 
  3. 50 Double Unders
  4. 12 – 9 – 6 – 3 reps
  5. Snatch 
  6. 50 Double Unders


Rd 1 = 30kg

Rd 2 = 42.5kg

Rd 3 = 50kg

Rd 4 = 60kg

Everyone has a different starting point, so make sure you scale to your ability and build it up as you get fitter and stronger. The first round should feel light and the last should feel heavy while still being able to move. For the best results, we’d recommend just one or two breaks in the 12 reps.



We hope our top 6 workouts for your home gym have inspired you to take your home gym training to the next level. If you’re trying them out, let us know how you get on! We know that everyone excels through different methods, and so getting the design of your home gym just right is essential. If you’re not sure how to make the most of your workout space, make sure you get in touch to book a gym design consultation, where we’ll access your needs and help turn your dream gym into a reality. 


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