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3 Things to Look for when Buying Premium Gym Equipment

Are you setting up a new gym or looking to give your current one an upgrade? Whatever your reason for sourcing new gym equipment, you’ll probably be weighing up the pros and cons, including aspects like quality, service, price and more.

However, one thing that you’ll need to keep in mind is your clients’ expectations. Your gym members expect the best, and it’s your responsibility to make sure they get it. After all, your reputation is only as good as what your clients are saying about you.

This is where premium gym equipment comes in. The right premium equipment will give your members’ what they need and make you stand out from your competitors- but emphasis ‘right’ equipment is needed- certain equipment advertised as ‘premium’ might not live up to the hype, and so there are a few key things you’ll need to look out for when you’re looking for the best, including:

  • What material the equipment is made from
  • Matting that will prolong the life of your gym equipment
  • Whether it’s mass-produced or custom made

But what does premium equipment usually offer that other options do not?


What should you expect from premium gym equipment?

If you’re investing in premium equipment, pay attention to what additional value the supplier offers, and look out for additional services like consultations,  fit-out and delivery, custom design and aftercare. You should expect no less than a high-quality service that’s tailored to you and the requirements you have for your gym. 

So don’t just get your premium equipment from anywhere. You can find out more about what you should look out for when it comes to choosing the right supplier here


What material is the equipment made from?

Premium gym equipment is all about meeting high specifications and the materials it’s made from should be no different. 

Stay clear of materials like iron, which can be brittle and doesn’t have the durability you need as it can easily degrade and rust in any UK-based gym, as the UK is renowned for its high levels of humidity. Instead, opt for steel, which will be safe from rust and has the strength and durability your members’ need to pump the (not actual) iron day in, day out.

Great durability comes with a host of other benefits; the fact that the equipment probably won’t need replacing within your lifetime also makes it both immensely cost-effective, sustainable and reliable- we recognise the value of this at Anvil, which is why we finish all of our products with a spray coating that keeps your gym equipment protected for years to come.

If you have a UK-based gym, it’s also worth considering supporting the British steel industry. At Anvil, we source our premium steel and other materials from support family-run British businesses


Has the equipment been mass-produced or custom made?

The next thing to look out for is whether the gym equipment you’re considering has been mass-produced or is custom made.

I’ve already mentioned the importance of additional value from your manufacturer- generally, you’ll get more value for money with custom builds. This is because the level of service, attention to detail, and aftercare from custom equipment suppliers are high-quality, as meeting high (and very specific) expectations is what they do.

Remember, suppliers selling mass-produced products are generally extremely focused on selling as many units of the equipment as possible rather than thinking about the longevity or elevating your gym. Meanwhile, custom build suppliers have an entirely different focus, which is all about amazing customer experiences and satisfaction levels.

At Anvil, we offer a range of custom options, including custom gym and rig design, as well as options for bespoke paintwork and engraving. We recognise everyone has individual requirements and so we pay close attention to detail to achieve your overall vision, starting with a design consultation.  


What kind of flooring will prolong the life of your premium equipment?

Last but not least of what to look out for when buying premium gym equipment is flooring that will help to protect your new equipment. No matter how durable it is, the right kind of matting will make it last even longer and is particularly important for areas designated to workouts such as weight lifting and functional training. 

Rubber flooring is the obvious choice to protect equipment and prevent injury, but with constant heavy usage, it doesn’t always last as long as you’d want. Not only that, but the best premium gym equipment is often customised and therefore a statement- the last thing you want is low-quality drab floors that pull away from the appeal or water down your gym’s branding.

We’d recommend opting for custom rubber flooring which complements your new premium gym equipment and provides the exact specifications, including thickness, colour mix, choice of the top layer, acoustic solutions and more. This allows you to opt for the specification that will provide your flooring and equipment with the most durability.



Whereas cheaply mass-produced equipment will need replacing, premium custom builds are built to last and are a sure way to meet the high expectations of your clients, making the best choice pretty obvious. However, premium gym equipment can be a big initial investment, and so putting in the time to make sure you’re choosing the right option for your gym is crucial in terms of long-term value- and if you do want to spread the cost, leasing plans provide a good solution.

Ultimately, the quality of equipment you choose to populate your gym will reflect on the quality of your gym, and so for those who are serious about fitness, premium gym equipment is the only option. 


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