outdoor gym design ideas

Outdoor Gym Design Ideas

Whatever time of year it is, if you enjoy training outside with the elements and fresh air, it’s always a perfect time to start dreaming up some great outdoor gym design ideas that will help you get your sweat on.

The advantages of spending time outside are well documented- the Environmental Science and Technology journal reported that just 5 minutes spent in green space reduces stress and motivates us to keep active, so combining the health benefits of spending time outdoors with the benefits of an intensive workout is a win-win for mental health and motivation. 

Not only that, but outdoor gym design provides a great solution for smaller gyms that are struggling with the demands of social distancing as corona restrictions continue, as exercising outdoors has proven to be much safer than indoor gyms.  

So if you’re thinking about what equipment your outdoor gym needs, whether it’s for your commercial gym or a new home gym space in your back garden, we’ve got a few design ideas for you to consider. 


What kind of gym equipment is best for outdoor gym design?

When it comes to outdoor gyms, you’ll need to be on the lookout for equipment that’s super durable and built to last no matter what conditions are thrown at it.

This means investing only in the highest quality materials such as British steel. To make sure your gear stays in prime condition, you’ll also need to choose a supplier that offers the option of a protective galvanised coating to stop rust in its tracks. 

To help inspire your design, we’ve curated a round-up of some of the best gym apparatus and must-have services that will suit any outdoor gym, including:

  • Monkey bar rigs
  • Power racks
  • Drag sleds
  • Customised flooring
  • Gym design consultations

Let’s take a closer look at why each of these is an excellent fit.


Monkey bar rigs

For a rig that caters for a wide range of movements while letting you tap into your inner child, look no further than the monkey bar rig.

Monkey bar rigs may look similar to playground climbing frames, but don’t be fooled. Use it wisely and you’ll be able to tick every box of your workout with functional training equipment that caters to the way your body is meant to naturally move during exercise.

monkey bar rig

These rigs come with classic J-cups, spotter arms, and the capacity for between one and four bays, depending on your requirements, making t

hem perfect for free weights workouts and multi-person use.

The monkey bars, which span across each of the bays, are incredibly versatile and allow you to build upper body strength as you’re throwing working against gravity into the mix. It’s guaranteed to give your arms that satisfying jelly feeling that they’ll thank you for as you continue to make those gains.

As well as being a formidable workout companion, depending on your supplier, these rigs can be completed with galvanised and powder coating to keep them protected in outdoor conditions and finished in whatever colour you prefer. 


Power racks

Are you looking for the ultimate piece of equipment for your outdoor gym design? Power racks are a great option, with everything you need for a great workout in one. 

power rack

Similar to the monkey bar rigs, power racks can come with pull up bars that target the upper body while the bay with built-in J cups, spotters, and adjustable band pegs assists with all your lifting needs. 

Anvil’s heavy-duty Power Rack XL also has the addition of easy-access weight storage, making it easy to adjust weights throughout your workout to suit your ability and take things up a notch when needed.

Power racks also have a great level of versatility, as you can easily add attachments to expand their capacity. The photo above shows one of Anvil’s power racks that has been galvanised for outdoor use. 


Drag Sleds

As well as fixed equipment, some of the best outdoor gym design ideas include portable equipment that you can pack away after your workout. 

Simple yet effective products like the drag sled are a great choice, especially if you want to travel for an outdoor workout, whether that’s at your local park, sports centre or garden. 

These sleds may look low impact, but add enough weight and you’ll get an intensive HIIT workout with a range of pulling, pushing and dragging movements. 


Custom flooring

As well as investing in the best equipment for your new outdoor gym, there are some other essentials that you’ll need to invest in.

customised flooring

If you’re looking to build a garden gym, you’ll probably need to think about what flooring you want to workout on.

If you’re lifting weights uneven ground will significantly increase your chances of injury, with ankle joints particularly at risk- something to avoid at all costs when you want to stay on top form and push yourself to beat your PB.

A good solution to this is custom flooring and platforms that even out your gym space to protect your equipment and ensure you can workout with confidence. 


What else should you consider when designing your outdoor gym?

If you really want to get a good overview of the best outdoor gym design ideas that suit your needs, the best option is to speak to the experts and get a gym design consultation.

With this process, you’ll get consulted every step of the way, so that you end up with a gym space and equipment that’s designed with you in mind every step of the way.

The best design consultants value their customer’s satisfaction, so look out for ones that offer things like 3D renders, so you can visualise what your gym will look like before it’s made, as well as a great aftercare service. 



There’s an almost endless amount of ideas for really great outdoor gym design, and even though there are a few staple pieces of equipment, as highlighted above, it can be difficult to know where to start to get the most out of your design. So wherever your gym is based, make sure you take the time to consider your needs and consult suppliers with a reputation of exceeding expectations.

We hope this article has given you a little inspiration for your outdoor gym. Whatever kind of design you’re considering, we at Anvil are here to help with our expertise. If you’d like more information on what options are available for you in terms of custom design, book a consultation to get started.  


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