is build a home gym worth it

Is Building a Home Gym Worth It?

If you work out regularly in a commercial gym, you’re probably familiar with the age-old battle of finding the motivation to make it out the door to commute to your local gym and keep on top of your training every once in a while.

No matter how much fitness matters to you, it’s sometimes all too easy to find an excuse to not get the most out of your gym membership. So, could a home gym be the solution you’ve been searching for?

To help you decide, we’ve rounded up some of the top reasons why we think building a home gym might be the answer. 


It’s an investment

The monthly membership fees you pay to attend a gym soon add up. One survey of UK residents even found that gyms, supplements and prescriptions cost the average person £65,000 throughout their lifetime. 

This is fine if you enjoy training in a commercial gym environment and go regularly enough to get your money’s worth- but with £4 billion a year spent in unused UK gym memberships, not everyone does. 

If you do prefer working out at home, membership fees could be better invested in building a home gym that’s suited to your needs. Yes, a home gym does cost more from the outset, but it could end up saving you thousands of pounds in membership fees over time. 


No commute

Since the beginning of 2020, many of us have been getting used to spending more time at home. However, with a massive cultural shift in the way we work and flexible work models on the rise, popping into your commercial gym after a day in the office might no longer be an option. 

If you are working remotely, commuting to your local gym might seem like an unnecessary journey- after all, if you’re already working from home, isn’t it easier to work out from home?

One study showed that the closer you are to your gym, the more frequently you’ll go there to train. So, if you build a home gym, it only makes sense that you’ll benefit from only having to travel a few short steps to get there.


Get control over your equipment

One of the best things about having a gym of your own is that you get complete control over your training environment (plus the fact that you no longer have to wait to use the equipment you want to train with!).

You can invest in the equipment you love to use and get it built to your unique specifications, whether you want certain accessories or a bespoke colour or laser cut design.  

The only thing to do is to find the right supplier who you know can deliver. At Anvil, we specialise in delivering high-quality custom gym rig design and fabrication and are dedicated to meeting our clients’ needs.



So, is build a home gym worth it? The answer is that it really depends on you. If you love going to your local commercial gym to work up a sweat, then, by all means, keep doing what’s best for you. 

However, if you love to train, blast your favourite music, but hate having to find the motivation to travel to a busy gym where you then have to wait to use your favourite equipment, maybe it’s time to think about building your own- the possibilities are limitless! 

If you think a home gym is the right option for you, you can learn more about what kind of space we at Anvil can help you to achieve here


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