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Top Tips For Your Home Gym Design

Creating a home gym design that meets all your fitness needs takes more than a quick scan online. There’s already so much on offer that knowing where to start can quickly become overwhelming, but take things back to square one and the choice becomes so much clearer. By square one, we mean your fitness objectives. If you already know what you want to achieve, you can narrow down the kind of equipment that will help you smash your goals, whatever they are.


What’s your training style? 

Everyone’s training objectives are different, depending on aspects such as your existing fitness levels, how fast you want to progress, and what form of progression you’re aiming for. Even though your fitness goals are highly personal, they can fall into three general training categories.  

Three of the most common forms of training include:  

  • Endurance sports- improving cardio for endurance sports such as marathons and triathlons.
  • Functional fitness – building better all-round functional fitness with strength, conditioning & gymnastics approach, such as CrossFit training.
  • Pure strength training- purely strength-based training, including powerlifting and bodybuilding.

Once you’ve identified where your objectives lie, you can figure out exactly what you need as part of your home gym design. This article breaks down what type of equipment you need for your home gym design to suit your training style, so if you’re in a hurry, you can skip ahead to the section that applies to you. But first, let’s take a look at the benefits a home gym can bring.  


How will a home gym design enhance your training?

Whichever way you choose to train, meeting your goals will always take time and commitment- but life can get in the way. Whether it’s a busy schedule, living too far from a great gym, or pandemic restrictions that are preventing you from training, many people find that smashing their fitness goals is even tougher than it needs to be.

A bespoke home gym design can change all that. With the convenience of having a home gym that’s tailored to your specific training style, the list of excuses becomes a lot shorter and little stands in the way of your intensive workout regime. Just remember that it’s well worth consulting the experts and having a personalised design consultation before you commit to a particular design to make sure all your needs are being met and that you’re getting the most out of your investment. 

It’s really important that if you opt for a home gym every piece of equipment needs to be catered to your needs, so let’s take a look at what kind of equipment you should consider for different types of training.



If you thrive off endurance training, you’ll be no stranger to pushing your muscles to their limit. The training involves a balance of long continuous workouts that increases cardio capacity and interval training, which develops speed, agility and engine work. 

With a focus on cardio, you’re probably already considering a range of cardio kits on offer, and sometimes it’s best to go with consensus by choosing world-renowned equipment.

One key piece of equipment that belongs in any endurance-focused home gym is a rowing machine, but don’t settle on any model: only the best should do. The worlds best-selling rowing machine is the Attack Fitness Rower, the same machine used by Olympic and elite-level athletes. It has the durability to withstand years of intensive training sessions from any serious fitness fanatic. 

Another great cardio option is the Air Attack Bike, a high-intensity machine that gives you a full-body workout while matching its resistance to your intensity. The faster you pedal, the higher the resistance, making it the ultimate piece of endurance equipment, and something your home gym design shouldn’t be without. 

If you like to take your endurance training outside as well as to the gym, you’ll probably appreciate equipment that can replicate outdoor conditions (without the wind and rain!) In that case, equipment like the RUN Attack Curved Treadmill may be worth considering. It’s powered by your legs instead of electricity, enabling a low-intensity recovery and making it perfect for HIIT sessions.

Finally, any endurance-focused home gym design wouldn’t be complete without equipment for one of the toughest workouts around. Whether you ski or not, Nordic ski training will give your endurance a boost like no other. The Ski Attack Machine is a great wall-mounted option, but an important part of your gym design is portability, the floor stand version will be better suited to your needs.  



If CrossFit is where your passion lies, you’ll know that any CrossFit training should include a variety of gym equipment that allows you to complete a range of training. 

Luckily, you don’t need to attend a CrossFit Box to get the most out of your training, as CrossFit equipment is perfect for home gym design no matter the size of your space. Relying heavily on rigs, kettlebells, plates and barbells to tackle each muscle group in your CrossFit workout, you’ll get the most out of a small area with the selected kit.

Some of the best CrossFit appropriate equipment include functional kits, like the Drag Sled, which is a great addition to any size gym- add extra plates to it, and the innocent-looking sled will give your muscles a beasting. If you want to take your CrossFit regime to the next level, a Super Duty Power Weight Sled will suit you down to the core.  

However, no CrossFit regime can be complete without the assistance of some more permanent fixtures, such as wall-mounted racks. Racks are essential for any serious CrossFitter who wants to hit a Girl’s WOD hard, and the right choice for you will depend on the specifications of your home gym space. Generally, wall-mounted options provide a sleek space-saver while giving you the same level of support that any free-standing option supplies. 

Last but not least, any home gym design tailored to a CrossFit regime should include at least one cardio machine to supplement the rest of your training. From rowing machines to curved treadmills, we recommend opting for the cardio kit that you already enjoy using.  


Strength training

Are you allergic to cardio but love to workout? Or do you simply prefer to take your cardio outdoors? If the first answer applies to you, we have some bad news: you might just be a gym bro (and your home gym design will need a strength training focus)! If it’s the second answer: your home gym design will need a strength training focus (and you’re probably safe from being labelled as a gym bro!).

Your choice of strength-building kit should depend on how you choose to cycle your training days as well as the form of strength training you do. If you want a multi-functional piece of equipment that serves all your strength building needs, the best option is to invest in a heavy-duty power rack to match your heavy-duty workouts.

These pieces of kit are beasts- and ours is perfect for making a statement- and you can do just that with Anvil; for example, you can get your rack spray-painted in your choice of colour, and choose from a range of custom design options so that you can put your own stamp on it and achieve the gym aesthetic you’ve been envisioning.    

And remember, whatever equipment you end up choosing for your home gym, make sure you’re choosing to buy from a supplier that offers personalised service and the attention to detail you need to create the home gym of your dreams. If you’re not sure what you should be looking out for, you can read our advice here



Creating the perfect home gym is all about understanding your individual needs. Whether you focus on endurance, functional, or strength training, finding the right equipment can be half the battle, and the quality of product and service can vary widely- and the last thing you want is a home gym that doesn’t meet your expectations.

At Anvil, we go above and beyond with durable, custom equipment that meets your needs and a full, unbeatable service. The result? You can achieve the home gym you’ve been dreaming about with equipment that’s truly unique to you.   

Whatever kind of gym design you’re considering, we’re here to help with our expertise. If you’d like to find out more about our custom gym design, click to book your initial design consultation.


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