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What is the Best Commercial Gym Equipment for Your New Fit Out?

While exercise equipment sales spiked by 5800% during the Coronavirus lockdown, ‘when will gyms reopen?’ was one of the most popular UK search trends in 2020, showing that members still rely on the kind of structure that commercial gyms provide to stay on top of their fitness.

For those who only had access to body-weight training or using single dumbbells during the long lockdown months, heading into a gym fitted out with the best equipment available will be an expectation that you, as a gym owner, need to meet.  

So if you’ve been meaning to give your gym a facelift to keep your members motivated, meeting the demand for top of the range exercise equipment should be at the top of your agenda- but knowing where to start isn’t always easy. 

To help you figure out what equipment should be at the top of your list, we’ve rounded up some of our top recommendations of the best commercial gym equipment that we know your members will love.  


Weight machines

Plate loaded gym equipment are usually pretty heavy-duty pieces of kit that are less common in home gym setups- so they’re exactly what your members will have been missing. 

They’re a great strength-building choice for all abilities. This is because they provide beginners with confidence as they make adding load simple, and for those who are more advanced, weight loaded equipment can help with those marginal gains by targeting smaller muscles that are otherwise hard to build with free weight training alone.

Some of the most popular choices of equipment for weight training include:


  1. The ISO Lat Pulldown 

The ISO lat pulldown is a great piece of kit for targeting- you guessed it- the lats. What makes this machine particularly versatile is the fact that you can switch up your grip to target different parts of the muscle. Each handle can also move independently which gives the option to even out imbalances if necessary. 


  1. The 45 Degree Leg Press

The 45 degree leg press provides a great compound exercise for the lower body, targeting the quadriceps and glutes in one go- perfect for adding some extra oomph at the end of a free weight session. It provides glute and upper body support while allowing the user to complete movements that are similar to squatting- which helps to maintain form and doesn’t require balance. While movements are done from a seated position, this kit can accommodate some serious weight so is perfect for hardcore bodybuilding workouts as well as for beginners (with less weight). 


  1. Assisted T Bar Row Machine 

The assisted T-bar row machine is more than just a workout for the lats- it’s ideal for anyone looking to seriously work all the major back muscles, as well as add strength to the shoulders and pulling muscles in the arms. This kind of gym equipment is particularly popular amongst more advanced gym-goers, so is a great investment if want your commercial gym to accommodate top-level athletes. 


Free weights and Accessories

Heavy-duty equipment may be your focus, but it’s important to not forget about those additional extras that help your members build a rounded training routine.  



The growing popularity of strength training isn’t going anywhere, so your members will expect your commercial gym to be stocked with a full range of specialised bars so that they can lift in a way that suits them.  

Some of the best available on the market include:

  • Axle bars
  • Cambered squat bars
  • Olympic swiss bars
  • Trap bars


Axle bar- Axle bars are one of the most recognisable bars used for lifting free weights- it’s straightforward to use whether you want to use it alone or combine it with a bench press

Cambered squat- Camered squat bars are great for experienced listers. They sit on the user’s shoulders to reduce strain while challenging stability and the posterior muscles for an enhanced free weight workout.  

Olympic swiss bar- Olympic swiss bars are the perfect option for upper body isolation movements including rowing, pressing, curling and tricep extensions. To alter the level of strain and hit different muscles, all you need to do is adjust the width of your arms.  

Trap bar- Trap bars are great for maximising safety as well as maintaining balance and form while lifting. The hexagonal shape in the centre allows the bar to sit closer to the user’s body. It puts less strain on the joints than traditional bars and provides users with the assurance to beat their PBs.  


Choosing the right surfaces for free weight workouts

If your gym members are training with free weights, having the right kind of surface is essential. Things like custom rubber flooring are always a good place to start, but you’ll also need to provide appropriate lifting platforms to keep your clients as safe as possible.

Whether you’re jerking, snatching or cleaning, the Olympic lifting platform provides the best support for ground-based barbell lifts while protecting the equipment and surface underneath from any damage during workouts.   


Cardio Kit 

Once you’ve selected the right kinds of functional and plate loaded equipment for your gym, it’s over to cardio.

You probably already have a good idea of the kind of cardio equipment you want to invest in based on what the most common kinds of kits are in commercial gyms- but you should still take the time to make sure you’re getting the best make and model that you know will last for years to come, no matter how often it’s used. 


Exercise bikes

Exercise bikes are one of the most convenient tools for high-intensity cardio workouts without the high impact on joints. 

The Air Attack bike has a contemporary dual-action design that targets the upper as well as lower body muscles. The incorporated fan resistance provides an additional challenge for those who want to push hard to build their strength and stamina. 


Rowing machines

Rowing machines are a simple way to target almost all the user’s muscle groups in one go. In a commercial gym setting, low impact, durable and quiet design are all a big plus. 

If your gym members have high expectations, we’d recommend the Attack fitness rower, the best selling indoor rowing machine in the world, for most commercial gyms. This kit is used by Olympic and elite-level athletes when training for their sport- if it’s good enough for them, your clients are sure to be happy.  



Treadmills are one of the most well-known pieces of cardio equipment- and your gym members new and old will expect this to be a staple in your gym. 

However, the classic electric-powered treadmills are usually bulky and can result in expensive repairs if there’s a fault. 

The RUN Attack curved treadmill is a great manually powered choice that will help your members to push harder and get more out of their time on the treadmill. It’s powered by their own movement, so they’ll get out what they put in, and its concave shape mimics running in the natural environment for an extra challenging workout.   


Choosing the right commercial gym equipment

Whether you’re looking to freshen up your commercial gym with a couple of new pieces of gym equipment or want a whole new design and fit out, I hope this article has helped you decide what pieces to go for. Plate loaded machines, free weights, accessories and cardio kit are all important components of any gym, so making the right choice for you and your members is crucial. If you’re still not sure what to prioritise in your fit out, it could be worth considering a design consultation where a team of experts will help you realise your vision for your gym.   


Want to order your new gym equipment today? Click here to get in touch with the Anvil team. 



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