The Anvil Strength and Conditioning Philosophy

Here at Anvil strength and conditioning, we aim to supply more than just gym and fitness equipment. We strive to have the best customer relationships. We do this by ensuring you are more than satisfied with our service, product and management of the project. We take all projects seriously, no matter the size. So one thing is for sure, Anvil is here to offer you the best product, service and experience on the market.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We provide a Life time guarantee on all Welds, Structural Steel and fixings. Since 99% of our products are made from the highest quality structural steel you have our products for life. Cosmetic damage is not covered, however, touch-up paint can be purchased on request. – All third party products, (i.e. products sourced from other retailers) will be under their own guarantees and guidelines.


Discover gym equipment bespoke to you with our full design package including overall dimensions and image renders. – Design alterations and design meetings to finalise your product(s). – Site visits where necessary to ensure compatibility.


Keeping you in the loop is how we work. Site visits available on request to see your products being manufactured. – Weekly update available on request on the manufacturing progress of your product(s). – Lead times of 4-6 weeks.

All our products will be delivered by our delivery team working on a 4-6 week lead time. – Any damage caused to the equipment on delivery will be repaired as soon as possible. – Any 3rd party products will be delivered on their own terms and conditions.
Waste Management

We respect your workout space and are committed to leaving it as spotless as we found it so that you don’t have to. All waste created during the installation will be removed. – Surfaces will be vacuumed and cleaned to the standard which they started in.


Doing the hard work for you is how we work. All equipment that requires assembly will be constructed by our expert installation team. Our install vans are kitted out with the best equipment to make installations, quick and efficient. – Any damage created during installation will be restored to its original state as soon as possible. – 3rd party products are installed according to 3rd party installation terms and conditions.

Customer Relationship
Constant customer communication throughout the project to keep every aspect under control. – In one month a customer care officer will contact you to ensure no issues have developed. If there are any problems we will work with you to solve them. See guarantees for more details. – In 6 months contact will be made again to ensure all is satisfactorily. – Maintenance to repair any equipment under our guarantee is included.

Damian Duffin

4PARA & Crossfit Bathgate

Anvil installed a gym for the British Parachute Regiment. Their positive attitude and aid the British Armed Forces was fantastic. Military discount was offered (even though their current prices are already very competitive). The standard of equipment and customer service cannot go unnoticed. We can not recommend them enough. Great customer service and deliver what they promise.

Jake Thackray

Royal Veterinary College

“It has been a real pleasure working with Anvil sports as they guided us through the set up and commission of our new fitness suite. Their attention to detail, honest advice and determination was exemplary and without it we would have struggled to open on time. We now have a training area that receives nothing but praise from our users. This place has the WOW factor!


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